Academic Publications

sheetmusicOakland, J. MacDonald, R.A and Flowers, P (2012)
Re-defining ‘Me’: Exploring career transition and the experience of loss in the context of redundancy for professional opera choristers. Musicae Scientiae 16(2) 135–147

Oakland, J., Macdonald, R. A. and Flowers, P. (2013)
Identity in crisis: The role of work in the formation and renegotiation of identity. British Journal of Music Education, 30 (2) 261-276

Oakland, J. & J Ginsborg, J. (2014)
Continuing professional development in a chamber orchestra: player and management perspectives, Music Education Research, 16(1), 13-31

Oakland, J. MacDonald, R.A and Flowers, P (2014)
Musical Disembodiment: A phenomenological case study investigating the experiences of operatic career disruption due to physical incapacity. Research Studies in Music Education, 36(1), 39-55

Book Chapters

Oakland, J. (2014)
The Opera Singer Identity, in Perspectives of Teaching Singing: a celebration of Vocal Pedagogy in 21st Century (Eds)
S. Harrison & J. O’Byan. Springer Publications

Oakland, J., MacDonald, R & Flowers, P. (2017)
Who am I? : The process of identity renegotiation for opera choristers following redundancy
The Oxford Handbook of Musical Identities. Oxford University Press

Published Articles

Good Companions
The role played by the repetiteur in the operatic creative process
Published by Classical Music Magazine – 2005

Soap Box
Current trends towards short-term contracts and downsizing have increased the need for musical flexibility. Defining what we do as musicians may have to take on new meanings.
Published by Classical Music Magazine – 2006

Is it time for music to catch up with sport in dealing with stress?
Published by Classical Music Magazine – 2006

To Stage or not to Stage
Is semi-staged opera a solution to the rising costs of opera production. The premiere of Jonathan Harvey’s ‘Wagner Dream’ is discussed
Published by Classical Music Magazine – 2007

When the Music Stops
Singers and instrumentalists often believe they will be musicians for life but what happens when redundancy stops a career in its tracks?
Published by Classical Music Magazine – 2010

Use Your Head
As a musical performer, mind and body are inextricably linked. Physical and mental health should be a prime concern for all musicians
Published by Musicians’ Benevolent Fund – 2011

A Question of Identity
Exploring the experiences of professional musicians as they re-negotiate their career path
Published by ISM – 2011

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